WATCH Our Book Publishing And Television Media Show To Discover How You Can Publish Your Book And Be Featured On One Of My Television Programs Within The Next 90-120 Days


Question: How long is the call?

Answer: Our calls are “no pressure” calls and usually last around 30 minutes to respect both of our times and designed to see if we have a match and discuss what book publishing and television opportunities that might exist for you.

These are telephone calls from an actual member of my book publishing and television team,  not Zoom Calls.

Question: Is there a financial investment required? 

Answer: Yes,  of course there is. You should  be prepared to invest  in publishing your book and featuring your book on one of my television programs.

We are a faith based organization and never take food off of the table, so if you are not in a position to do so, please do not book the call.

Question: Do you really guarantee a television appearance? 

 Yes, we can.

We produce and broadcast our own exclusive programming that featured our clients and broadcast it on television and have done so for 5 years now.

When you are producing the actual television shows, then you can make that IRON CLAD Guarantee.

Question: Who should NOT book a call?

Someone that is NOT serious, committed and decisive, and quite frankly someone who does not honor their word and agreements. Our book publishing program is unique in that we are not only adding you to our book publishing schedule, but also usually our busy television production schedule. If you are indecisive and a “tire kicker” then please do not book a call with our team.

We treat every every call as a “Divine Appointment” and you should too…because it is.

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